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Since the 1980’s, RESOM Group - Engineering Innovation Solutions Molds’ human resources have a continuous experience, readjusting their skills towards the market and the customer needs. Nowadays, determination and innovation are the basis to develop their activity, planning, managing projects, engineering and manufacturing molds for the plastic industry.


In 2015, we started a strong alliance with TCM, a pioneer company since the 1970s in the mould industry of Marinha Grande, Portugal, one of the largest mould production centres in the world. The RESOM Group offers highly human skills, know-how and new technologies, that ensure global solutions to every customers’ needs.

Today's world requires flexibility, which is a required condition to responsible and sustainable transactions.

To RESOM this doesn’t mean only providing quality to its customers, but working on good and fast procedures, upon a flexible organization and market positioning in a constant search for better solutions. Each and every step is based on ethics and transparency, creating, expanding, reaching and building strong relationships with the customers and bringing their projects to success

We provide knowledge in manufacturing molds for plastic injection. 

We develop our work all across Europe and the Americas. All from our home in Marinha Grande — Portugal.

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